Keith A. Brinks


Marc D. Brinks


"Our experience with Alliance Capital Ventures could not have gone better for us. The Alliance team took the time to understand our unique niche in the aviation industry, and then worked diligently to identify the right funding partner that could understand our needs."

Larry Serlo, CFO
I2I Engines, LLC

Alliance Capital Ventures (ACV) provides equipment leasing to venture capital-backed and emerging growth companies located throughout the eastern half of the United States. By applying venture capital selection criteria and disciplined equipment management techniques, ACV has successfully written over $500 million in lease financing since 1992. Additionally, ACV structures vendor leasing programs which enable our portfolio companies to offer lease financing on the sale of their products and software.

Equipment leasing is a cost effective way to finance the purchase of fixed assets. Rather than use working capital to acquire depreciating assets, leasing is a source of fixed-rate term debt. It allows companies to pay for equipment over time without depleting cash balances or tapping into bank lines of credit. It is typically more flexible than bank financing in that it does not require financial covenants or extra collateralization. Leasing is also generally easier to arrange and may offer tax benefits in some situations.